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About Aasvaa: Crafting Tomorrow's Culinary Experience

Welcome to Aasvaa, where innovation meets tradition, and excellence is our hallmark Aasvaa Universal Pvt. Ltd. pioneers smart culinary solutions tailored for the Indian food retail segment. Our bespoke equipment and consultancy services address industry challenges, offering tailored excellence, smart decision-making through IoT integration, automated efficiency, space-saving innovation, seamless service, and cost-effective operations. With a commitment to Indian craftsmanship, smart tech solutions, accessible innovation, global reach, and future-readydesigns, Aasvaa is revolutionizing the culinary landscape.


Our Offerings: Elevating Culinary Excellence

Coffee and Beverage Equipment

1 : Automative Coffee Maker
2: Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine
3 : Smart Blenders and Grinders

QSR Equipments

1 : Smart Fryers
2 : Multi-purpose ovens
3 : Automated conveyers

HORECA Furniture

1 : Smart and Sleek Furniture range
2 : Customized, futuristic designs
3 : Wireless Charging, warm warmer

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Aasvaa Magic

[ At Aasvaa, we believe in simplifying the complex and revolutionizing the way culinary operations function. Here's how we make it happen ]

How Aasvaa Works, Revolutionizing Culinary Operations

Understanding Your Needs

We start by getting to know your business inside out. Understanding your unique requirements, challenges, and goals allows us to tailor our solutions to fit your operation perfectly

Customized Consultation

Our expert consultants work closely with you to develop a comprehensive plan. From branding and restaurant design to kitchen layout, menu development, and business strategy, we provide ...

Smart Equipment Selection

With a wide range of smart equipment at your disposal, we help you choose the perfect tools for your kitchen. Whether it's smart fryers, multi-purpose ovens, or automated conveyors, we ensure that ...

Seamless Integration

Our team handles the installation and integration of your new equipment seamlessly. From IoT connectivity to ensuring proper workflow management, we make sure that everything works together flawlessly.

Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training for your staff to ensure they are equipped to use the new equipment efficiently. Additionally, our support team is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring ...

Continuous Improvement

Our relationship doesn't end once the equipment is installed. We continue to work with you to optimize your operations, leveraging data-driven insights and industry expertise to drive continuous improvement and ensure ...

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